Microsoft Edge Badmouths Google Chrome If Users Try to Download It

Edge is Microsoft’s big bet in the browser world, and given it’s based on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome, it comes with plenty of modern features, including cross-platform availability and support for extensions.

In many regards, Microsoft Edge is very similar to Google Chrome, and it even supports the add-ons built for Google’s browser.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft Edge can’t try all sorts of approaches to convince users to give it a chance. And one of the most recent attempts includes Microsoft Edge badmouthing Google Chrome when users try to download it.

More specifically, if you use Microsoft Edge to download Google Chrome and go to the official site of the browser, you should see a notification displayed by the browser specifically supposed to convince you to abandon the download.

“Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome, with the added trust of Microsoft. Browse securely now,” one of these notifications reads.

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