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Microsoft Confirms New Windows 10 Bug After the Latest Updates

Microsoft has confirmed a new Windows 10 bug caused by the most recent OS cumulative updates, with the company explaining that the input indicator and the language bar might sometime not show up.

The company says the problem was caused by the June 28 cumulative update and the following releases, so any device running at least cumulative update KB5014666 could end up struggling with this problem.

“After installing updates released on June 28, 2022 ( KB5014666) or later updates, the Input Indicator and Language Bar might not appear in the notification area. The notification area is normally located on the right end of the taskbar. Affected devices have more than one language installed. The Input Indicator and Language Bar is used to switch between input or keyboard languages on Windows devices and is used especially with languages that use Input Method Editors (IME),” Microsoft explains.

KIR already announced for the affected Windows versions

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