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Microsoft Confirms Collections Bug in Microsoft Edge

Syncing Collections in Microsoft Edge is a thing that many hardcore users do, pretty much because it’s the easiest way to have the same Collections roam across devices.

It’s easy to see how this comes in handy, as having Microsoft Edge installed on several devices with the same account allows you to sync data.

However, Microsoft has recently confirmed in a post on reddit that syncing Collections in Microsoft Edge is broken down, with a fix already in the works.

“It appears a few of you have mentioned that you are having issues with your Collections being stuck on Sync. I know this is frustrating, but the good news is our team is zoned in and investigating. The team was able to jump in and review diagnostics submitted by users to review!” a Microsoft Edge Community Manager explained in a post.

At this point, Microsoft says it is investigating two different bugs relate… (read more)

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