Microsoft Bing Could Replace Google as Default Firefox Search Engine

Firefox is currently one of the best browsers out there, and it is often considered the only worth alternative to the invasion of Chromium-powered apps.

In theory, this is pretty much true, as Mozilla is the only company offering an advanced browser that’s not running on the Chromium engine.

At the same time, the company just keeps improving Firefox more and more, and as it turns out, Mozilla wants to further refine the browser not only in terms of features but also as part of the services that are bundled by default are concerned.

More specifically, it looks like Mozilla could end up replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine in Firefox, with the company now conducting a limited experiment to see how everything works.

Switch could take place next year

At this point, Mozilla has an ongoing partnership with Google, so most likely, Bing wouldn’t become the recommended search engine on all instances of the browser until the existing de… (read more)

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