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Microsoft and Canonical bring .NET 6 to Ubuntu 22.04

Microsoft has announced that .NET 6 is now available as part of Ubuntu 22.04, meaning developers can get started using .NET much more quickly out of the box. Ubuntu 22.04 is the latest release of the popular Linux distro maintained by Canonical, and the company has been working with Microsoft to create a better environment for .NET developers on Ubuntu.

With .NET built into Ubuntu, it means you can much more quickly install the .NET 6 SDK by just entering apt install dotnet6 in your terminal. There are also packages for ASP.NET Core (aspnet-runtime-6.0) and the .NET Runtime (dotnet-runtime-6.0), which can be installed in the same way. This should more easily give you access to the tools you need to start developing .NET apps on Linux. Microsoft says it will keep working with Canonical to update these packages every month, so developers using Ubuntu aren’t missing out on new features and fixes.

The company does warn that Arm64 builds aren’t available yet, though both sides are working to release them as soon as possible. Additionally, if you want to start developing in .NET 7, you’ll have to wait a while longer, since Microsoft says packages for that won’t be available until .NET 7 reaches general availability.

In addition to being built into Ubuntu 22.04, Microsoft has also announced that the .NET 6 packages are now available in chiseled Ubuntu containers. Chisels are a new take on containers that allow a distro to be made as small as possible by only installing the paths and files that are necessary inside each package. The .NET packages for chiseled Ubuntu containers are also much smaller than regular packages, with around 100MB being trimmed.

As Microsoft and Canonical continue to work together, the companies aim to make new versions of .NET available with new Ubuntu releases, so things are looking up if you’re a .NET developer that prefers Linux to Windows.

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