Metro: Exodus Is Getting Extensive Free Enhancements For PC And Consoles

Metro: Exodus developer 4A Games has announced a free Enhanced Edition for all PC players, as well as details for its upcoming Xbox Series X|S and PS5 updates.

Metro: Exodus Enhanced Edition is coming later this year and benefits from some drastic engine overhauls 4A Games has made while optimizing the game for modern hardware. The most drastic change is in its ray tracing pipeline, with 4A Game writing that it has learned a lot since launching one of the first games to support the real-time rendering technology.

“We have built an all-new Fully Ray Traced Lighting Pipeline that brings a number of optimizations, upgrades, and new features to the Ray Traced Global Illumination and Emissive Lighting that we pioneered with the original release of Metro Exodus, as well as an upgraded implementation of our powerful Temporal Reconstruction technology to further boost resolution, visual detail, and performance,” the post reads.

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