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Meta Quest 2 will receive a $100 price bump starting on August 1

If you’ve wanted to get into virtual reality and have been contemplating when might be a good time, that time might be now. Meta has announced that its Quest 2 VR headsets will get a price increase starting in August. The price increase comes as Meta begins its next phase into VR with the upcoming release of its high-end Project Cambria and future Quest headsets.

According to a post on the Oculus blog, Meta will be raising the prices of its Quest 2 on August 1. That means the base model with 128GB will sell for $399.99, while the 256GB version will sell for $499.99. The new price will ironically match the price of the original Quest when it debuted back in 2019. While this comes as a surprise, Meta states that it is doing this so that it can continue to “invest in moving the VR industry forward for the long term.” The blog also states that rising costs of parts and shipping are to blame. Meta will also increase prices for accessories and refurbished models starting on August 1.



While this isn’t the ideal scenario, the Quest 2 was one of the lowest-priced VR headsets offering independent and tethered operation. That means you can run the Quest 2 on its own using its internal SoC or connect it to a PC for a more powerful experience. Although the price increase is not a welcome one, there is a silver lining. From now until the end of the year, Meta will throw in a free copy of Beat Saber for anyone who purchases a Quest 2 starting on August 1. Beat Saber is a popular virtual rhythm game that has rarely, if ever, seen a discount.

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So, if you are interested in VR, you might want to take advantage of the lower price point of the Quest 2 while it lasts.

    Meta Quest 2 128GB

    Meta Quest 2 with 128GB internal storage

    Meta Quest 2 256GB

    Meta Quest 2 with 256GB internal storage

Source: Oculus Blog

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