Mass Effect 2’s Jack Was Supposed To Be Pansexual, Until Fox News Got In The Way

Mass Effect 2‘s Jack was originally supposed to be pansexual, but her romance arc was changed after BioWare looked at the media reception to romances in the original game, as reported by The Gamer.

Since Mass Effect 2’s release 11 years ago, fans have wondered why Jack was could only be romanced by a male Commander Shepard, since she makes references to being with partners of different genders in some of her voice lines. After the original game’s launch in 2007, Fox News held a panel about the game’s depictions of sex and sexuality. The panel criticized both Mass Effect 1’s sex scenes and the ability to romance Liara T’Soni as either a male or female Shepard.

Talking about the development of Jack’s romance in an interview with The Gamer, writer Brian Kindregan said: “She was essentially pansexual for most of the development of that romance.” But the Fox News panel created a domino effect that changed things.

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