Mass Effect 2 Character Ideas Included Techno-Hippie, Quarian King

The Mass Effect franchise is brimming with memorable characters, but there are a few who didn’t make it into Shepard’s story but are fascinating in their own right. In a new episode of Audio Logs, BioWare’s Mac Walters talked about some of the ideas that didn’t make the cut, including a Techno-Hippie, among others.

Speaking to GameSpot, Walters said that, during development, BioWare took a “there are no bad ideas” stance for coming up with pitches. This, as a result, led to some interesting submissions.

“There’s a lot of really fun characters in here that eventually didn’t make it for one reason or another,” Walter said, referencing a never-seen-before character ideas document that was shown to GameSpot. “Although I’m sure now that they’re going to be out in the world, people will be clamoring for some of them, like the, you know, the crazy Quarian King.

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