Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Add Spider-Man To Its Roster Before Summer

This week’s big next-gen update for Marvel’s Avengers had plenty to share about the future of the game, but it doesn’t look like Spider-Man will be factoring into those plans until after Summer.

The current content roadmap that developer Crystal Dynamics released this week features Black Panther as the next playable character in the upcoming summer expansion, but Spider-Man won’t arrive before the War for Wakanda content is made available to players in Summer. Missing from the roadmap entirely, Spider-Man’s absence had fans speculating on the whereabouts of the fan-favorite character.

“I can tell you that, formally, officially, people are working on him right now,” studio head Scot Amos said to IGN. “So it is still on our roadmap for the future. But there are people working on [him] and we still fully expect Spider-Man to come to PlayStation.”

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