Marvel’s Avengers Shares How To Transfer PS4 Saves To PS5

Now that Marvel’s Avengers is available on next-gen consoles, fans may be curious how to transfer their save data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. Developer Crystal Dynamics has shared instructions on how to do it so PS4 Marvel’s Avengers players can get playing on PS5.

While the instructions aren’t specific to Marvel’s Avengers, as the link the game’s official Twitter account posted goes to a PlayStation page, they make it clear that there are a few ways data can be transferred between consoles. PlayStation owners can do so using the internet to transfer data wirelessly, connect both consoles together via a LAN cable, or use a USB stick. After the systems have been synched, data will transfer in the background.

Things get a little complicated with Marvel’s Avengers, though. As spotted on Reddit, players are warned to migrate their saves from PS4 to PS5 to continue from where they left off. Save migration is connected to the cloud (aka PlayStation Plus online storage), which requires a stable internet connection and an active PlayStation Plus membership to access.

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