Marvel’s Avengers Devs On Strengthening The Game The Right Way

Marvel’s Avengers should have been the biggest success story of 2020. Given the incredible popularity of the MCU and Marvel’s iconic characters as a whole, some would say the game should have been a slam dunk. And yet, it stumbled out of the gate in August of last year and has been struggling to pick up momentum since.

The circumstances that have contributed to this are numerous, not the least of which is tougher working dynamics as a result of working from home. Content updates have been meager and quality-of-life changes have been slow to make their way into the game. All this, on its own, has frustrated the dedicated sections of the community, and caused others to abandon the game. What has compounded this, however, has been a lack of transparency and communication.

That is something that developer Crystal Dynamics has acknowledged itself and pledged to change. And it has already taken a stride forward in doing so by detailing its roadmap for the game. What players of Marvel’s Avengers can expect for the coming months has been laid out fully–some with timeframes for their launch, others with more vague “as soon as it’s possible” timing.

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