Martha Is Dead Preview (PC)

Taking photos before mobile phones were a thing was hard. Using a dark room to actually develop the photographs was even worse. But a good image at the right time can reveal secrets and spur exploration. The two actions also stand at the gameplay center of Martha Is Dead.

The title is created by LKA, with publishing duties handled by Wired Productions. The game is set to arrive on Steam, as well as on the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and S, and previous consoles from Sony and Microsoft. It’s a first-person adventure game with a focus on horror and psychology.

Gamers will take on the role of Giulia. Her sister, the Martha of the title, is found drowned in a lake, under mysterious circumstances. It is the summer of 1944 in Italy, with one of the fronts of World War II drawing closer to the area. Giulia becomes Martha and starts to search for answers about her death.


The game is initially pretty limited. But once Giulia becomes Martha and gets acce… (read more)

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