Mario Gets A Gun In This Goldeneye 007 And Super Mario 64 Mashup

’90s kids rejoice, the ultimate Nintendo 64 game has arrived. As picked up by Kotaku, GoldenEye With Mario Characters is a custom mod for Goldeneye 007 that, as the name suggests, adds a whole bunch of Mario characters to the classic first person shooter.

While the mod was first released in January 2018, an anniversary update has added Peach’s Castle as a playable level both in single player and multiplayer mode, taking the mod to the next level. You can see the campaign version of this custom level below.

Aside from the castle custom level, the rest of the modded game plays out exactly like the original Goldeneye with Mario characters added and the dialogue changed a little to suit them. In a world where Mario is James Bond, Peach plays Natalya, Luigi is Trevelyan, Daisy is Xenia, and Toad is Oddjob. It doesn’t make all that much sense, sure, but it looks fun to play.

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