Maneater, The Wild And Fun Shark Game, Hits Nintendo Switch On May 25

The Nintendo Switch has lots of great games, but it doesn’t have a game where you’re a revenge-bent bloodthirsty shark that eats humans and sea creatures alike. Thankfully, that’s set to change. The 2020 shark game Maneater is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 25. The game will retail for $40 USD, just as it does on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC.

The very funny actor Chris Parnell–you might know him as Doctor Spaceman from 30 Rock–voices the narrator in Maneater. The story is told through a reality TV show that follows a shark hunter named Scaly Pete who kills a pregnant shark. The baby shark escapes, bites off Pete’s hand, and vows to get revenge on Pete later in life.

Maneater, which has already sold 1 million copies, was originally slated to release on Nintendo Switch in 2020, but the developer moved the game back to 2021 because it needed more time.

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