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Major TeamViewer Bug Breaks Down Incoming Connections

TeamViewer continues to be one of the most popular solutions to remotely control a device over the Internet or in a LAN, and needless to say, quite a lot of users out there rely on this app for such purposes.

Unfortunately, those who recently updated to version 15.35.7 ended up struggling with a bug that makes it impossible to accept incoming connections.

The bug only exists in this particular version, and a thread on the official TeamViewer forum indicates that the issue hits everybody who installs the update to 15.35.7.

“Version 15.35.7, on random computers of differing ages, Windows OSs and hardware, refuse to accept incoming connections, even lan connections. I’ve filled a proper bug report with TV support. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed soon,” one user explains in a post.

“I am using Team Viewer 15.35.7 Windows 11 64 Bit, and just today became unable to remote a w… (read more)

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