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Mahokenshi Preview (PC)

Ever since Slay the Spire made roguelike deck-building genre so popular among gamers there have been loads of new titles that adopted the formula. Some managed to offer their own take on the recipe, while others simply refined it in an attempt to find success.

Mahokenshi does both, as the game developed by Game Source Studio, feels like a refined version of Slay the Spire, but several twists that make it stand out. Truth be told, Mahokenshi doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of game mechanics, but it smartly combines multiple genres to provide a smooth, immersive gameplay experience.

Instead of certain classes, in Mahokenshi you must choose between four samurai houses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. House of Ruby plays like some sort of battlemage that wields both blade and magic, while House of Jade has access to some interesting stealth and poison mechanics.

The other two Houses that you can play with, Topaz and Sapphire, draw streng… (read more)

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