Lost Soul Aside Will Launch On PS5, Debuts New Gameplay Trailer

After its announcement in 2016 and drop from the public eye, Lost Soul Aside has returned with a new gameplay trailer, revealing that it will now be launching on the PlayStation 5.

Lost Soul Aside was originally revealed in 2016 by its sole developer Yang Bing, who had made the game entirely from Unreal Engine assets. Other trailers for the game have been released in 2017 and 2018, but neither managed to garner as much attention as its reveal. As of writing, Lost Soul Aside’s reveal trailer has nearly four million views.

The gameplay trailer for Lost Soul Aside, which debuted last week, shows off the game’s blend of Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry mechanics. Kazer, the game’s main protagonist, fights against a white-haired man with a golden sword in its first moments. The ensuing battle has both characters throwing out massive attacks that spawn dozens of magical swords and fling rays of energy.

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