Los Angeles Area Movie Theaters Could Re-Open This Weekend

Los Angeles, one of the nation’s biggest theatrical exhibition markets, is poised to re-open its movie theaters as soon as this weekend depending on the outcome of a meeting of local health and state officials later this week. During a recent visit to a mobile vaccination clinic, Governor Gavin Newsom indicated movie theaters and theme parks could be coming back to life sooner rather than later–and with restrictions still in place.

It all depends on the COVID-19 vaccine and the impact it seems to be making. By Friday, Newsom says, 2 million vaccines will have been administered, an impressive milestone that also represents a hopeful dent and reversal in coronavirus trends.

“Moving through the weekend and into next week, you will see more activity, more loosening,” predicted the governor (via Deadline). “That’s encouraging and I hope people will be enthusiastic about what this means moving forward, because we have a series of other thresholds and other goals that will allow us to move forward with more clarity, more conviction and more confidence as we move through the next few weeks and the next few months.”

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