Lord Of The Rings Actors Discuss The “Meat’s Back On The Menu” Scene

There is a particularly memorable and quotable scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers when an Uruk-hai kills one of his comrades and then loudly declares, “Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!” For years, commenters have pointed out that this line is a touch odd, given that Uruk-hai presumably would have no concept of what a menu is. Now, three of the actors involved in the scene have shared their thoughts on it.

Nathaniel Lees, who played the Uruk-hai Ugluk who delivered the iconic line, said in an interview with Thrillist that the choice to say “menu” was to meant to clarify that, “Menu is merely the choice of food available.” Once Ugluk killed the orc, Snaga, his “meat was back on the menu,” according to Lees.

Stephen Ure, who played the Orc captain Grishnakh who suggested maiming Pippin and Merry and eating parts of them, commented that there is plenty in The Lord of the Rings that doesn’t exactly make logical sense. Getting into costume, including extensive makeup and more, was a challenging and difficult experience, Ure said. So raising concerns to scriptwriters that could have delayed production and kept them in costume for longer was not something he wanted to do.

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