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Loopmancer Review (PC)

Slashes from my katana keep two enemies in check, constantly delivering hits that take health and stagger them. Another opponent comes in from the left, which forces me to abandon my attack, jump over him, slide back and use my shotgun to push the entire group back before I unleash some lightning from my cyber arm implant. It’s easy enough to deal with these low-level enemies but I need to find at least one terminal that can restore my health before I face a mini boss that will test my endurance.

Loopmancer is developed by eBrain Studio and published by Xu. I played the game on the PC using Steam, but players can also get it on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X and S, and older devices from Sony and Microsoft.

The title mixes action and rogue elements with a detective story. Xiang Zixu is our hard-boiled protagonist, with a dark past and a need to get revenge on the people that took his daughter from him. He goes after an underworld boss and… (read more)

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