Loopmancer Preview (PC)

Zixu brandishes his sword, taking a chunk out of the life bars of two enemies. I follow that up with a jump and a slide, moving away so I can fire a few bullets into a guy coming at me from the other side of the screen. A mix of sword action and careful movement allows me to deal with the three guys without losing too much of my own health. I now need to find the best way to reach a crate and then prepare for another big fight.

Loopmancer is developed and published by eBrain Studio, set to launch before the end of the year. The game uses the mechanics of both the action and platformer genres while throwing in rogue-lite concepts.

Xiang Zixu is the protagonist, a capable private eye who dies only to be returned, alive and well, to his apartment, ready to investigate the same case he was working on before. He might be a detective but he is very capable both in hand-to-hand and ranged combat. As the game progresses he discovers more about both the death he is investig… (read more)

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