Loop Hero Review (PC)

What makes a hero successful? Is it carefully managed equipment, complete with extended special abilities? Is it the careful choice of the battlefield? A well-developed home base? A bit of luck and good level-up choices? Loop Hero will challenge players to consider all these questions and to try to create the best character they can, without being able to exercise direct control.

The title is created by Four Quarters Team and published by Devolver Digital, available on the PC. The game takes some classic rogue-like ideas and delivers a new spin on them, eliminating some apparently crucial player control while adding a very engaging layer of strategy. At first Loop Hero seems incredibly simple: a small stick figure moves along a procedurally generated lopping world, fighting blobs, which drop either cards or equipment. You cannot control the combat or the movement.

The little avatar does very simple things. What you can do is take the equipment that drops and equip … (read more)

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