Lil Nas X Game Twerk Hero Is Real, But You Can’t Break Satan’s Neck

Having made headlines for breaking Satan’s neck after giving him the lap dance of his life in the new song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” rapper Lil Nas X has released a browser-based rhythm game that lets players twerk to the bop on repeat.

The game, called Twerk Hero, can be played right in your browser. It’s a bonkers, imprecise rhythm game that tasks you with destroying floating arrows known as temptations. That’s done by using the mouse to shake Lil Nas X’s butt to the song, which cycles through the main chorus ad nauseam. Check it out in action below.

There are four levels in total, all matching various sequences from the “Montero” music video. Twerk Hero starts with Lil Nas X in that lush magenta-colored meadow before sliding down the pole to Hell to give the penultimate lap dance to Satan. It’s just a challenging playthrough because Lil Nas X’s butt doesn’t accurately hit the arrows. And you can’t recreate the music video’s ending–that is, you can’t break Satan’s neck.

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