LG’s 16:18 ultra-tall monitor means less scrolling

LG DualUp Monitor

Enlarge / LG DualUp Monitor (28MQ780). (credit: LG)

If you haven’t noticed, screens have been getting taller. Laptops are the most obvious example, with more of them opting for 16:10 this year than we’ve seen in years, with even a 3:2 aspect ratio being an option. LG has now brought this taller view to external PC monitors by announcing today the LG DualUp Monitor (28MQ780), a 27.6-inch monitor with a 16:18 aspect ratio.

It’s not like LG just took a traditional monitor’s form factor and turned it sideways. The DualUp is closer to a square than more common 16:9 displays. At 16:18, the monitor’s length and height are closer to the same measurement, but the monitor is still taller than it is wide. If you’re sick of scrolling through long articles, spreadsheets, lines of code, and your everlasting newsfeed, this option is something to consider.

While taller screens are increasingly common in laptops, they’re incredibly rare in PC monitors. There are plenty of ultra-wides filling the peripheral vision of gamers and productivity hounds, but it’s nearly impossible to find a vertical PC monitor. We recently covered a much skinnier 7:32 vertical monitor, but it’s primarily available in Japan, and as a portable monitor, it’s much smaller at 8.8 inches. In terms of mainstream, widely available monitors in the US, the DualUp Monitor should be one of a kind whenever it comes out—LG didn’t share a price or release date.

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