LG 27GL850 Gaming Monitor Review: A 1440p, 144Hz Powerhouse

The optimal PC gaming resolution and refresh rate is a divine meeting between 1440p and 144Hz. Graphics cards keep getting stronger, capable of pushing even higher and faster, but with new tech like ray tracing, sticking with 1440p allows you to crank up the settings and keep that frame rate high. The LG 27GL850 gaming monitor provides those perks so you can enjoy that impressive visual experience while still backing it up with a speedy frame rate that’s both smooth and responsive. It sports a gorgeous image that pops with beautifully vibrant colors, and it’s relatively affordable for a monitor of its class.

Display and performance

Competitive shooters excel on the LG 27GL850’s IPS display thanks to the fluid movements and twitch aiming accuracy that the 144Hz refresh rate provides. Jumping from 60Hz to 144Hz, I noticed a jump in my K/D in Rainbow Six Siege immediately. I was able to catch enemies peeking around corners more effectively, picking them off before they could get an eye on me–and when an enemy would rush the objective, I was able to react more quickly and take action accordingly.

This performance boost extends to PC games locked at 60fps as well. The monitor’s response time is quick, getting as low as 1ms when set to its “Faster” mode. That 1ms response time is nice, though you may notice some very noticeable ghosting while using it–the slightly slower “Fast” setting works well, and I never found myself wanting for more. The 27GL850 is a great gaming monitor for both multiplayer and single-player experiences because of this adept blend of responsiveness and smoothness. In games that demand the utmost accuracy from its players, such as Sekiro, this gaming display handles it deftly. I noticed a big increase in my performance when I switched from my LG CX OLED TV to the 27GL850 monitor, easily parrying samurai swords and monkey arms as well as dispatching enemies that were previously kicking my butt handily.

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