Lego’s new $200 R2-D2 set is the droid you’re looking for

R2-D2 — everyone’s favorite droid from the Star Wars movies, unless you’re Anthony Daniels — is getting an updated $200 Lego collector’s set, and it’s the biggest and most accurate Lego model of the astromech droid yet.

The 2021 R2-D2 set is roughly the same in terms of physical size (about a foot tall) and piece count (2,314 pieces on the new model, versus 2,127) as the 2013 model. But Lego has taken the intervening years to polish its craft considerably. The new R2-D2 does away with the exposed studs on the blocky head of the original for a smoother look. Lego also rounded the body of the droid to make the whole thing more cylindrical and improved the detail on R2’s “face” for a more screen-accurate (and friendly) look.

The updated…

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