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Leak reveals possible updated Surface Studio 3 accessories

The latest rumors have that Microsoft could finally be updating its all-in-one computer, the Surface Studio 3 later this fall, and now there’s added reason to believe this might end up being true. Over on Twitter, Windows Central’s Zac Bowden recently shared images of refreshed Surface accessories, which he thinks will be updated for the Surface Studio 3.

In total, Bowden shared three notable images. One is of a new Surface Keyboard, a second of an updated Surface Pen, and a third of a Microsoft Surface mouse. All three products in the image come in a newer lighter white color designed to match the finish on Surface devices, especially the keyboard. It’s not clear where the images come from, though.

Looking at the design of these accessories, they look pretty similar to how they did in the past generation for the Surface Studio 2. On the keyboard, though, some things have changed. Microsoft looks to have added an emoji button in place of the Start menu key on the right and tweaked the Start button on the left to the new Windows 11 logo. They’ve also added new function keys to the top row. We noticed a new function key for Windows 11’s Widgets function, and possibly a second new one for voice dictation or muting the microphone. There’s also a more apparent screenshot function key above the Print Screen button, which has an icon that suggests launching the Snipping Tool. These changes all bring it in line with some of the function keys seen on the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, which is already up for sale.

Otherwise speaking, the Surface Mouse and Surface Pen look to be the same as in the past. Microsoft doesn’t appear to be considering a flatter Surface Pen for Surface Studio 3 as it did with Surface Laptop Studio.

There have been plenty of Microsoft Surface rumors floating around lately, and this is just the latest. Earlier this week, we heard that the Surface Pro 9 could come in options for both Arm and Intel processors. With all these rumors and leaks, you can expect a Surface event anytime soon. We believe one could be coming as soon as September, timed for Microsoft’s Ignite conference.

Source: Zac Bowden (Twitter)

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