Lacuna – A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Review (PS4)

Indie games have already proven that they can be at least as memorable as the big budget AAA titles, with storylines more engaging than the blockbuster titles, and pixel-art graphics often better suited than the ultra-detailed photorealistic engines. Lately we had quite a few examples, one of them being Lacuna, a 2D adventure game, that combines the sci-fi setting with a noir atmosphere.

I am always happy to see a good adventure game, but my enthusiasm is always amplified when the game has something from the old noir detective tales. As such you can understand why the first trailer of Lacuna made me so interested in the game. Yet, I have to admit I did not expect such a complex game where your decision can have such a profound impact on how the game unfolds.

It all starts with a young girl that you control during the tutorial part of the game. Her importance and role will become clear only after you finish the story that stars Neil Conrad, an agent of the CDI – a k… (read more)

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