Kyndryl is IBM’s wacky new name for its dry IT spinoff

Meet Kyndryl — which, despite the name, is not a new legendary pokémon or a futuristic fake pharmaceutical from Cyberpunk 2077. No, Kyndryl is the new name for IBM’s legacy IT infrastructure business, which the company is spinning off into a new company to allow the main company to focus on its newer (and more lucrative) areas of emphasis, like AI and cloud services.

I’ll let IBM’s press release explain:

”Kyn” is derived from the word kinship, referencing the belief that relationships with people — employees, customers and partners — are at the center of the strategy, and that long-lasting relationships must be built and nurtured. “Dryl” comes from tendril, bringing to mind new growth and the idea that — together with customers and…

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