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Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Review (PC)

France in the XII century is not a powerhouse, with a small number of provinces and some big and centralized neighbors. I recruit a field commander, two merchants, and a cleric, and set about developing infrastructure for extra resources. I use my characters to gain more money and get audiences with all my vassals, aiming to increase trust and establish trade.

Growth is solid for a time, and I manage to defeat Brittany for some extra land. Unfortunately, I fail to get a diplomat to create a defensive pact against the biggest power in Europe, the Germans. They declare war, probably annoyed that I was expanding my web of marriages.

I put up a brave fight and even siege and secure two provinces from them. But they manage to get Flanders, Denmark, and Catalonia on their side and my good fortune evaporates. After a big final field battle, I quit the campaign and begin immediately exploring how I can do better in terms of alliances and army de… (read more)

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