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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fatesworn DLC – Yay or Nay

Re-Reckoning was a successful rerelease, at least for those nostalgic or looking for an old school RPG. The Fate edition, promising a brand new DLC of the game went somewhat under the radar, but now the time has come to embark on fresh adventures. Unfortunately, the new is as stale as they come, and you are better off staying away from it.

To save you time we can say from the beginning that the new Fatesworn expansion is short, bland, lacking anything new or original and can be interesting only for those who did not get tired of the combat system from the base game. It adds a couple of hours of gameplay that feel just as empty and uninspired like the new region they take you to, Mithros.

In order to face the new menace represented by the rising Telogrus, the God of Chaos you have to have finished the base game and the previous DLC. As an incentive to embark on a new quest to save the world the level cap is raised from 40 to 50. Each new level comes with three extra… (read more)

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