King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Review (PC)

Although the name of the game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, suggests the iconic ruler of Britannia is the protagonist, Neocore’s take on the famous legend puts lesser-known characters front and center. Unlike most games that portray King Arthur in some capacity, in King Arthur: Knight’s Take you play as Mordred. Well, it’s a bit of a long stretch to say that you’re playing as Mordred, King Arthur’s archnemesis, since you’re in control of a much larger group of knights.

Despite the fact that only 12 of King Arthur’s knights became famous, the game lets you recruit a few dozen other less popular knights. Those that are important for the story’s outcome are typically recruited by completing main missions, while the rest can be added to the Round Table via side missions.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is set in a dark universe where a spell that was meant to bring King Arthur to Avalon went terribly wrong. Now, the Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the legendary island, has re… (read more)

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