Killing Floor 2’s Spring Update Patch Notes: New Map And Modes

Killing Floor 2’s Spring Update is here, and it introduces a new community map, two challenging weekly modes, and two new guns to the zombie arena game. The main new attraction is the futuristic event Dystopian Devastation, which is live until April 20. The full patch notes are detailed below.

The two new weekly modes, Blood Thirst and Coliseum, are the two major parts of Dystopian Devastation, and they sound quite challenging even for veteran players. Blood Thirst introduces a debuff that slowly drains the health of all players unless there are less than five zombies alive, and your usual health syringes don’t work. Instead, players have to gain vitality by killing enemies or making assists. The other mode Coliseum sounds particularly raucous, since it only allows you to play as Berserkers with melee weapons, and more zombies spawn than before.

The two new weapons are also of interest to Killing Floor 2 players. The first is a sonic weapon called the HRG Beluga Beat that pushes back zombies with the power of sound. There’s also the Gravity Imploder, which is a grenade launcher that can fire singularities that bunch enemies up in a manner similar to Zarya’s ultimate from Overwatch. The Gravity Imploder is a paid DLC weapon, however.

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