Ken Doll Ryan Gosling , Cheetos Root Beer Noodles, Human Bird Nests and Other Rabbit Holes

This 69-meter yacht design with a “gaping hole” in the middle is only $80 million. (CNN)

Drinking five pounds of crushed human skulls was the 17th century’s hydroxychloroquine. (Atlas Obscura)

Good news and bad news. Bad news first, an official Wizard in New Zealand has been let go due to his sexist jokes. Good news, there’s a job opening in New Zealand for a Wizard. (New York Times)

This teacher posts math lessons on PornHub. The next generation is going to be geniuses. (Mel Magazine)

This clip absolutely broke me in a way I didn’t think was possible because I don’t usually feel things.

Halloween music is underrated. Enjoy this Halloween Classics playlist. (Plex)

Someone cast this two tonne sunfish in a movie that I will be too afraid to watch. (The Guardian)

This is the official Succession podcast I have not listened to because I’m not caught up yet. (Plex)

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live in a bird’s nest? Neither have I but here we are. (My Modern Met)

This diver found a 900-year-old sword which I’m sure is super cool even though it looks gross. (Vice)

I may be delirious (it’s late) but I don’t hate this idea of replacing nuts with potato chips in chocolate chip cookies. (Lifehacker)

I am extremely invested in and torn about choosing between these two amazing men.

Soup season is upon us and TikTokers are all over it. (The Daily Beast)

Colbert travels to Arrakis to speak to Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet. (Pajiba)

Tuskless elephants are evolving because humans are the worst. (New York Times)

I’m counting the days where I can stop posting pumpkin spice recipes. Until then, enjoy this pumpkin spice champagne sangria. (Elegant Site)

This tiger was rescued and treated to a birthday party with a pinata. (My San Antonio)

I’m sorry but Freddy Krueger has nothing on Charlize Theron as the very real Aileen Wuornos who upgraded from prostitution to serial killer.


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Binging with Babish gives Marge Simpson’s “really truly awful” Cheetos root beer noodles an adult glow up. (Nerdist)

Ryan Gosling is going to be the Ken to Margo Robbie’s Barbie. Was Joel McHale not available for the role? (Sorry, still not over how hot he is). (Deadline)

Netflix’s The Chestnut Man is a horror murder mystery on Netflix that only Emily Chambers would be brave enough to watch. (The Gist)

This Home Alone Lego set has an elaborate 4,000 piece bandit trap that’ll keep your kid busy for months. You’re welcome, parents. (Polygon)

Mythic Quest is picked up for two more seasons and Anthony Hopkins may or may not be Keeley’s new boyfriend in next season of Ted Lasso.

This is the trailer for the Remastered GTA trilogy coming November 11th and looks identical to me but what do I know. (The Verge)

Chris Hemsworth responds to this very convincing campaign encouraging him to visit Cowra, Australia. (Instagram)

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