Kate Winslet’s Accent In HBO’s Mare Of Eastdown Was A Frustrating Challenge For Her

Actor Kate Winslet stars in the upcoming HBO limited crime drama Mare of Eastdown, premiering on April 18. And one of Winslet’s biggest challenges was nailing the Delco accent, which represents Delaware County, in Pennsylvania.

The accent is very specific and tough to nail, and it drove Winslet crazy, as she explained during a TCA winter press tour conference for the upcoming HBO series. While figuring out how exactly to pronounce something that should be as simple as “water,” Winslet was worried about completely sounding authentic. “The thing that was hardest for me, of course, was to do it well enough that you kind of shouldn’t hear the actor doing it.

“I always hate that when you can hear someone doing a voice or doing an accent, and that’s one of the things for me that is more important than anything is just making it just disappear and blend in. So I did spend a long time working with a coach and working with people locally as well.”

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