Kaiju Wars Review (PC)

I need to keep my radar as close as possible to Big Donk, while staying out of hiw stomping way. I then move two squads of tanks right in front of the creature, knowing that they will get trampled but will significantly slow it down. Meanwhile, my airfields pump out two bombers, ready to drop a lot of ordnance on it, while I choose to run the operation that allows me to build another army base for free. I’m confident that the monster will never reach my precious research labs but I’m not sure that I will get the medal handed out for reaching an objective inside the time limit.

Kaiju Wars is both developed and published by Foolish Mortals Games. I played on the PC via Steam, but gamers can also get it on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. The title offers engaging turn-based strategy mechanics with a presentation that celebrates huge monsters and the people that try to stop them.

The story setup is classic: powerful creatures emerge and threat… (read more)

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