It’ll Take Years (Or Hundreds Of Dollars) To Convert All Your Destiny 2 Armor With Its New Transmog System

Destiny 2‘s upcoming transmogrification system will have elements you can earn for free or pay for with premium currency, but limitations on what you can get in-game already have some players upset. As a few have already pointed out on Twitter and Reddit, the limitations on currency you can earn in-game for free means that converting your stock of armor into “ornaments” that can be applied to other armor–Bungie’s new transmogrification system–will take years.

The details were included in the latest This Week at Bungie blog post, which filled in gaps on the transmogrification system that Bungie has been talking about for a while now. The system allows you to convert any piece of armor you have into a “universal ornament,” which you can then equip to other armor to change its appearance. Essentially, if you like the look of one armor piece but not its stats, you can change it into a cosmetic ornament. Other MMOs have similar systems and allow players a greater degree of customization for their appearances, and Destiny 2 fans have been excited to see transmog come to the game.

How Transmog Will Work

What’s creating controversy is how the system will work. Bungie is instituting some new currencies for the transmogrification system: Synthstrands, Synthcords, and Synthweaves. You’ll earn Synthstrands from playing the game and killing enemies, and when you have enough, you can purchase special bounties from Ada-1 in the Tower. Complete those bounties by playing different activities to earn Synthcords. You can then convert Synthcords into Synthweaves at a new kiosk, the Loom, in the Tower. Spending a Synthweave allows you to change an individual piece of armor into an ornament. If you want to convert an entire armor set, you’ll need five total Synthweaves.

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