iPhones Will Finally Allow Users to Unlock the Device When Wearing a Mask

The Face ID facial recognition system that comes bundled with new iPhones is certainly a super-convenient feature, as it allows us to unlock the smartphone by simply looking it at, but needless to say, it has become quite a pain in the neck these days.

And it’s all because the pandemic has taken everyone by surprise, including Apple itself, as Face ID is more or less useless for someone who is wearing a mask.

In other words, if you go shopping and want to use Apple Pay, your only option right now is to enter the passcode because Face ID wouldn’t work if you wear a mask. And there’s no way to get around this shortcoming, other than manually providing the passcode or by removing the mask, which is a big no-no.

But Apple is reportedly working to address the whole thing, with the latest iOS beta build bringing a major improvement in this regard.

Partial face scan

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