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iPhone 14: 3 better alternatives to Apple’s wall chargers

The new iPhone 14 is already out and while we’ve been somewhat impressed with the phone’s stats, we were left annoyed and disappointed to find out that the box features no charger. You’ll find a charging cable but no wall charger.

That is incredibly annoying and definitely something you wouldn’t expect with such a high-end product. Alas, that’s where we are right now – with Apple assuming everyone already has a wall charger for their new phones. Even worse, perhaps, is if Apple simply doesn’t care and just wants you to shell out dozens more dollars on one of their chargers. 

Thankfully, we know even better chargers than whatever Apple has to offer. Not only are they generally cheaper, but they’re also smaller and have a longer lifespan. Coming from Spigen, these GaN wall chargers have various outputs and multiple ports so you can charge more devices at the same time. 

The Right Wall Charger for Your Device

Regardless if you’ve been left without a charger with your new iPhone 14, or you have a different device, having a sturdy and compact charger is great for a speedy refill of your battery. 

Let’s see a few of our favorite Spigen wall chargers that may be exactly what you were looking for.

Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 352 Dual USB-C Wall Charger (PE2104)

This particular wall charger can charge up to 35W via its two ports. Not only is this charger about the size of an AirPods Pro case, but it can fill up both your iPhone and AirPods at the same time. 

The Spigen charger is about 40% smaller than the one that comes with Apple devices, mostly thanks to the 3D PCB Technology it uses to reduce the size of the transformer and increase the energy density. 

Once more, this is a GaN charger, which means it can minimize ripple noise and provide stable maximum current, which translates into a longer lifespan for the charger and your device.

The charger will automatically detect the product it is charging to provide the best charging speed for your device. Also, as mentioned, it features two ports, so it can charge two devices at the same time just as efficiently, thanks to the Intelligent Power Diffusion. By comparison, an Apple 30W charger only features one port.

The Spigen charger is also about 50 degrees F cooler than a regular charger, providing more safety in usage. 

Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 452 Dual USB-C Wall Charger (PE2105)

This next wall charger is also quite small, about a quarter smaller than a regular Samsung charger, but it can charge up to 45W through its two ports. Of course, when you’re charging two things at once, the power splits, so you’ll get 20W and 25W output. 

The charger will adapt the output based on your device’s needs, so you’ll get the best charge. For instance, if you’re plugging in a smartphone and your smartwatch, the smartphone will get the faster charge since it needs more juice. 

You can plug in your phone, your earbuds, tablet, or anything else you need charging. Since it features USB C, you should have no issues with any of the charging cables you have available in your home.

The GaN technology enables this charger to be smaller than others, but also to produce less heat, therefore cutting down on potential security issues in your home. 

Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 652 Dual USB-C Wall Charger (PE2106)

If you want even more power for your favorite devices, then the Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 652 may be the right answer. This particular wall charger has a maximum output of up to 65W, which is excellent for those looking for a super fast charge. 

In order to reach this maximum output, you’ll need to use a single port, of course. If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, one of the ports will go up to 40W while the other will get the other 25W. That’s still enough for a fast charge on your brand new iPhone, new tablet, or whatever else you may have on you that needs some more battery juice. 

The Spigen ArcStation Pro GaN 652 is also super compact. Thanks to the technology used, the charger is about half the size of other similar ones.

Unlike other fast charging tools, this one features IntelligentSafety Technology, ensuring that users and devices are safe when using it since it won’t overheat. 

This charger will work with more than just your iPhone and iPad, as it will also work just well with MacBooks, Samsung Galaxy devices, and any other smartphone you can think of. 

Spigen wall chargers are pretty great because of their size, the technology used, and the fact that they feature an additional port, even when compared to similarly powered chargers from other brands. 

Replacement Cables for Your New iPhone

One thing that has always made Apple stand out in a negative way has been the tendency to overprice its accessories. Whether we’re talking about wall chargers or cables, you know an Apple-branded version will cost you dozens of dollars more than a regular brand. 

If you want an extra lightning cable, then Spigen has a few options. The Spigen ArcWire USB-C to Lightning cable (PB2200) has an MFi certification, which means that it can perfectly replace the original charging cable used with iPhones and AirPods. 

The Spigen version isn’t just compatible; it uses the same materials as Apple does. However, this one also uses a technology called Dura Bend, which ensures your cable will survive getting twisted and bent for a long time. After all, we’ve all seen what happens to Apple lightning cables after a while. 

We’re also going to throw in that this is a 6.6ft/2m long cable, which is pretty awesome since you’ll get to use the device while it’s charging. 

Another cable that can come in handy with your Apple devices is the Spigen DuraSync 60W. This one can support charges of up to 60W, so you’ll have to ensure you use an appropriately powerful wall charger. Also, it can be used to transfer data with a speed of 480 Mbps. This is a 5.3mm-thick cable that will last you for a very long time. The cotton braided layer will ensure it doesn’t get tangled all the time.

Update Your Gear, But Be Smart

We understand the need to update your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and other gadgets. While shelling out the money for a new phone or tablet makes perfect sense, it doesn’t always make sense to buy same-brand accessories like wall chargers and cables, especially when other companies offer the same or better quality for less money. 

Furthermore, when the company misses the mark by completely ignoring the need for a wall charger with your (very) expensive new phone, it’s probably a good idea to further consider whether or not giving them extra money is something you want to do. The Spigen wall chargers offer better technology at a better price, so that’s definitely something you should be considering. 

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