iPhone 11 Spends Six Months at the Bottom of a Lake, Still Working

Like all modern smartphones, the iPhone 11 comes with an IP68 rating, but Apple obviously still doesn’t recommend users to take a shower with the device for obvious reasons.

And yet, the new iPhones have already proved what they’re capable of when it comes to water resistance as part of so many tests, but someone has found out the whole thing on their own after dropping an Apple smartphone in Harrison Lake.

The iPhone belonging to Fatemeh Ghodsi ended up at the bottom of the lake in September when she was taking a ride in bumper boats, and the local staff told her recovering the device would be impossible given how deep the water was.

iPhone still working

But fast forward half of a year later and Clayton Helkenberg and his wife Heather, who were both diving in the lake looking for lost items, noticed the iPhone 11 sitting at the bottom of the lake. They took the smartphone out, took it home, and after a quick cleanup, they tried to power on the d… (read more)

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