iPhone 11 Live Blog: Look, New Telephones


Fresh off its biggest security disaster of all time, Apple is announcing its new cellular telephones Tuesday from Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. We could not arrange for a news chopper to get live aerial footage of the event. But we do have YouTube and will be watching as Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, and some other folks tell us about the iPhone 11 and probably some other goods and services from Apple Inc.

We will be updating this post through the event. But for now, in the minutes leading up to “show time,” excitement is high at VICE HQ, where staffers are anxiously awaiting the new devices. Take it from them:

Tim Marchman, Editorial Director, Features: “I have a 6s Plus and they’ll pry it out of my dead hands. Unless the new one has a headphone jack, in which case I think it sounds great and I’m going to get one.”

Casey Johnston, Editorial Director, Life: “I hope it’s good, and not bad.”

Caroline Haskins, Staff Writer, Motherboard: “Not sure what that is sorry.”

Edward Ongweso Jr, Staff Writer, Motherboard: “My dream iPhone? Something I can actually tinker with and replace parts for and doesn’t cost $1,000 bucks.”

Amy Rose Spiegel, Senior Editor, Life: “There’s a new iPhone.”

Jason Koebler, Editorial Director, Motherboard: “Look at my camera.”


The iPhone 11 livestream is starting any moment and so will this live blog!

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