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iOS 16 Brings a New Battery Overheating Warning to the iPhone

If there’s something that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has left behind, it’s certainly the exaggerated attention that phone makers are now paying to overheating.

In many ways, this can only be good news, especially as dealing with overheating more efficiently means we, the customers, are no longer exposed to any risks of fire.

Apple knows how important this is, and as it turns out, iOS 16 will come with a new warning specifically supposed to let users that overheating occurred during charging.

If the iPhone is plugged and ends up experiencing excessive heat, the device should show a warning on the lock screen that reads “Charging On Hold. Charging will resume when iPhone returns to normal temperature.”

Furthermore, the battery settings screen on the iPhone will also show a message to inform the user that the “charging was on hold due to iPhone temperature.”

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