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iOS 16 beta introduces Apple Pay support in third-party browsers

Apple revealed the upcoming major updates to its operating systems during the main keynote of WWDC22. iPadOS 16 introduces resizable app windows on M1 iPads, while macOS Ventura includes more streamlined UI elements. Though, arguably, iOS 16 packs the most exciting changes. The iPhone Lock Screen got a complete redesign with support for widgets and advanced customizations. This particular update focuses on giving users options, and these personalizations expand beyond the Lock Screen. Users on iOS 16 beta can use Apple Pay in Chrome, Edge, and seemingly any other web browser. On iOS 15 and earlier versions, this feature remains exclusive to Safari.

As highlighted by Steve Moser on Twitter, iOS 16 beta doesn’t limit Apple Pay to Safari. This addition is likely due to underlying WebKit changes. All iPhone web browsers are forced to depend on the WebKit engine. So any tweaks that Apple makes to it affect all iPhone web browsers.

On the Mac it’s a different story. Apple doesn’t force developers to adopt WebKit in their web browsers. This could be why even the latest macOS Ventura beta build still doesn’t allow non-Safari users to take advantage of Apple Pay. It’s still unclear if this will change down the road.

Apple Pay support in third-party iPhone browsers is a welcome addition. Those on iOS 16 won’t have to jump between Chrome and Safari just for the sake of completing an online purchase. The change could potentially help the Cupertino firm dodge a few antitrust lawsuits, too.

Do you actively use Apple Pay? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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