Internet Explorer Starts Loading Websites in the New Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has already completed the transition from EdgeHTML to the Chromium engine, so the new Microsoft Edge is now running on the same engine as Google Chrome.

What this means is that Microsoft Edge is now available cross-platform too, so in addition to Windows 10, it’s also available on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, macOS, and Linux.

All the effort the company has put in getting Microsoft Edge right convinced the company it’s time for everyone on Windows to at least give a try to the new browser, though in some cases, the software giant’s tactics have been rather aggressive.

The most recent change concerning Microsoft Edge actually impacts Internet Explorer, though it goes without saying you should no longer use this old browser on a Windows device. Despite still getting security patches, Internet Explorer should no longer be used as a daily browser, and Microsoft itself urged everybody to make the switch to a modern app.

“You see, Internet Explorer is a… (read more)

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