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Intel Pentium Gold G7400 vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150G: Which entry-level CPU to buy?

Intel’s new 12th-gen Alder Lake CPUs are now official. In addition to the more popular high-end chips, the Alder Lake-S desktop series also includes low-powered mainstream CPUs like the Pentium Gold G7400 and the Celeron G6900. Both Pentium Gold G7400 and the Celeron G6900 low-powered parts are designed to power entry-level productivity or multimedia machines. These new chips go head-to-head against some similar low-powered processors on the market including some of AMD’s Athlon options. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Pentium Gold G7400 vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150G CPU to see which one’s better.

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Intel Pentium Gold G7400 vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150G: Specifications

Before we begin, it’s worth pointing out that you cannot buy the AMD Athlon Gold 3150G separately on the market. Its availability is limited to OEMs only, which means you can only get your hands on this particular CPU by buying a pre-built computer. The Intel Pentium Gold G7400, on the other hand, was recently launched and is now available to buy. So let’s take a quick look at the specifications of each of these processors to see what they look like on paper:

Specification Intel Pentium Gold G7400 AMD Athlon 3150G
CPU Socket LGA 1700 AMD AM4
Cores 2 (2P + 0E) 4
Threads 4 4
Lithography Intel 7 (10nm) TSMC 7nm FinFET
Base Frequency 3.7GHz 3.5GHz
Boost Frequency NA 3.9GHz
L3 Cache 6MB 4MB
Default TDP 46W 65W
Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax) NA 95°C
Memory Support DDR4 3200MT/s | DDR5-4800MT/s
Up to 128GB
DDR4 up to 3200MHz
Up to 128GB
Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 710 Radeon RX Vega 3 Graphics

Intel Pentium Gold G7400 vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150G: Performance

Looking at the specifications, it’s quite evident that the AMD Athlon Gold 3150G is more powerful than Intel’s new Pentium Gold G7400 CPU. The Pentium Gold G7400 is a dual-core processor with four threads. This particular chip also lacks E-cores, something which we’ve seen on some of the high-end Alder Lake chips. The AMD chips, on the other hand, pack four cores and four threads to go against the competition. The AMD Athlon Gold G3150G not only has more cores to work with but can also be boosted to run at up to 3.9GHz.

The AMD Athlon Gold 3150G also has more power to work with as it comes with 65W base power as opposed to 46W on the Pentium Gold. Both CPUs are also coupled with integrated graphics which means you can boot and get into the system without having to pair them with discrete GPUs. The AMD chip in the discussion here is also known for its stable operation when overclocked, but it remains to be exactly how it compares against the new Pentium processor in the Alder Lake lineup.

Intel Laminar RS1 cooler

A few things that are worth mentioning about the new Pentium Gold G7400 include the addition of an in-box CPU cooler. The Pentium Gold G7400 is bundled with the new Laminar RS1 CPU cooler. The new chip also comes with support for DDR5 memory, something that’s exclusive to the Intel chips in the desktop space for now. The lack of DDR5 support for AMD Athlon Gold 3150G isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker since it’s not particularly easy to buy these new memory modules. That being said, the new chips can definitely benefit from faster memory.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400 vs AMD Athlon Gold 3150G: Pricing & Availability

The Intel Pentium Gold G7400 carries a suggested retail price of $64, which we think is pretty solid pricing. You will, however, need one of the new Intel 600 series motherboards for this one. Even though you’re getting a stock CPU cooler in the box, we think you’ll still end up paying a lot of money for this particular chip as an upgrade. The AMD Athlon Gold 3150G, as we mentioned earlier, isn’t available to purchase separately, so you will have to pick up a prebuilt machine to get your hands on this particular CPU.

    Intel Pentium Gold G7400

    The new Intel Pentium Gold G7400 is a solid option to consider for an entry-level build. It also comes with a new CPU cooler inside the box.

We’ll update the comparison in the future with more benchmarks and performance numbers once we get a chance to test the new Intel chip too. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our essay on Intel Alder Lake processors deep dive to learn more about the new CPUs.

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