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Intel 13th Gen desktop CPUs officially revealed, available from October 20

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the Intel 13th Gen CPUs are official. Revealed during the big Intel Innovation event, the first batch of 13th Gen details are here for PC enthusiasts to get their teeth into.

Fortunately, the actual release of the new chips won’t be too long after AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series hits the market. Prices start around $300 and we should be able to pick them up from October 20. All six of these initial CPUs are unlocked, with P-cores, E-cores, and graphics overclockable if you like to tinker. The KF SKUs available are to be a little more affordable by way of having no integrated graphics. But everything else is the same.

Folks who already have a 12th Gen Intel system and are considering an upgrade are in luck, too. Not only does 13th Gen use the same socket and support the Z690 chipset as well as the new Z790, it’s also confirmed that DDR4 RAM is sticking around a little longer. 13th Gen will support DDR4-3200, as well as DDR5-5600. So your existing RAM and coolers can transfer across.

Intel 13th Gen

Building on a matured Intel 7 process and x86 performance hybrid architecture, 13th Gen Intel Core desktop processors enable better system performance– even through the most demanding of multitasking workloads. This includes up to 15% better single-threaded performance and up to 41% better multi-threaded performance.

13th Gen is built on an upgraded version of the Intel 7 process, previously used on 12th Gen. But also with better power efficiency, with similar performance as 12th Gen possible at a much lower power draw. Core counts are up compared to 12th Gen, too, with up to 24-cores in total, and each SKU has double the number of E-cores (efficient cores) compared to its last generation compatriot. Threads range from 20 on the Core i5 up to 32 on the Core i9. 13th Gen also sees double the L2 cache and increased L3 cache over the 12th Gen.

Intel 13th Gen

Without any hardware to test ourselves (yet), we’ve only got Intel’s own, carefully selected performance data to go on. But it makes for impressive reading, though admittedly, there’s no indication of how it fares next to AMD’s latest. In gaming, Intel claims up to 58% better average frame rates from the Core i9-13900K compared to the Ryzen 9 5950X. And a significant improvement over the Core i9-12900K in games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

Creators are also in for a treat with the 13th Gen. If Premiere Pro or Blender, for example, is more your cup of tea than games, performance here is also significantly improved. Up to 34% improved, as it happens.

The tale is hardly surprising. Intel’s 13th Gen is faster than the previous gen, and it seems much better than the competition’s previous gen. The final judgment will have to be reserved until hardware starts arriving in hands. That should be on October 20 for the first buyers.

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