Instagram wants you to stop posting everything you do as a Story

Instagram is a great platform for documenting our exciting lives and sharing them with the world. However, sometimes we don’t want these moments to stick on our timelines forever. That’s the purpose of an Instagram Story. There you can upload endless feeds of edited photos and videos that show your fans how exactly you got to reach your favorite restaurant — including a brief interview with the taxi driver. You post, and post, and post because you’re aware that these Stories will vanish in 24 hours. So they don’t necessarily have to be of high quality, and many influencers end up uploading a spammy amount in a row. It seems that Instagram isn’t a fan of this behavior, though, and it might be redefining what a Story is. The company is now testing a new layout in Brazil. It only shows your followers three of your Stories and hides the rest.

According to a Brazilian user, Instagram is testing a new Story layout. When someone posts excessively, the app only displays three of the Stories and hides the rest behind a Show All button. Apart from Brazil, it’s unclear what regions are part of this test. Additionally, we don’t know the percentage of users affected by this change.

If Instagram rolls out this layout on a wider scale, creators will have to be more selective when they post a Story. Otherwise, their followers might miss out by skipping through the hidden content. Ultimately, spammy Story feeds can discourage some users from clicking on that section, and the company wouldn’t want that. Right now, users can post up to 100 Stories in a row. It remains unknown whether Instagram will be changing this Story limit as well.

What do you think of the new Instagram Story layout test? Are you with or against it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: 9to5Mac

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