Instagram Announces a Visual Refresh for “Continued Evolution”

Instagram has just announced a visual refresh whose purpose is to give the company a revamped identity while also contributing to the continued evolution the Meta-owned brand is aiming for.

This visual refresh pretty much comes down to three essential parts, including a reimagined gradient, a new typeface, and a new layout and design.

The gradient, for example, uses more vibrant colors and illumination supposed to make it feel more alive.

“Our vibrant gradient was reimagined using an innovative 3D modeling process to make it feel illuminated and alive. The Instagram gradient, made up of our brand colors, is the foundation of our complete color system. Through illumination, the gradient signals moments of discovery in our marketing, logo and even in-app as seen in Create mode, stickers and Instagram Story rings. We’re excited to bring life to the Instagram experience through the energy of our reimagined gradient,” Instagram read more)

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