Imperator: Rome Review (PC)

I have seen lowly Thrace beat all other successor kingdoms in Asia while losing all foothold in Europe but I have also seen it wiped out first in the massive Diadochi wars. I led Getia to become Dacia and dominate Eastern Europe before failing to the power of Rome after four major wars. I made Carthage the ruler of all the Mediterranean, salting Rome and ruling all of Italy. All of this in Imperator: Rome, a title that has just received both a big expansion and a big free update.

Heirs of Alexander is the major downloadable content for the grand strategy game from Paradox. It arrives alongside the 2.0 update (named Marius), which introduces major changes to the game even for those who do not want to play mainly as one of the successor kingdoms.

The core experience is unchanged: take charge of a wide variety of empires, republics, and tribes of antiquity and guide them to what you consider success. Players need to deal with warfare, appea… (read more)

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